Friday, August 15, 2014

[NOTICE] 100 Posts Since April 2011

Wow, we've gone a long way. This is a our journey together, both me and the small community (you) who have spent some time to visit this humble sketch-blog. Counting each posts have at least 1 sketches with occasionally some more loaded, I estimated the total sketch to be around 200++ not inclusive random sketches not posted.

A motivation to those who just started to be serious in their art/ drawing hobby; Like it or not, through time and practice, one WILL improve their drawing. I'm a slow learner because of the inconsistency, but the result is still there. Don't give up.

Here's something from my PASUM days that marks the transition... style, serious-ness, interest, everything.

Salam ukhuwwah dari Admin.


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