Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple Charity.

I put a little bit of effort on this one but in the end it did not come to my likings. *shrugs*

Anyway, the message is still there so please enjoy the simple comic and think about it deeply. I hope it is pretty clear, literally or not (moga2 tulisan nampak dan difahami laa).

Thinking of writing something based on this in the old blog. I need some time to recuperate and it's already past 1 a.m. now.

Until then, InsyaAllah.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A request from a friend 3 [Heavy Images!]

So I said that I am taking on a small project before. It was delayed by 2 weeks while it can actually be done within 3 days. How pathetic (me). Banyak godaan syaitonirrajim ni, lain kali tak mau tangguh2 dah kalau buat request orang. Huhu.

16 images (minus the final one which is reused) in one post! Its a new record! *cheer* *Alhamdulillah*

P/s: Lepas ni nak update blog lama, mungkin? Blog lama sudah diupdate!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A pointless yet EPIC video.

17 million views since April 2011 and still counting...

Enjoy (the loading bar) and please pardon this nonsense! *teehee*

P/s: Also available in 3 hours and 10 hours edition! lolwut ^^;

Friday, June 10, 2011

Never give up... がんばって!

To my dearest friend Izzati Ibrahim,

I don't know if this is about yourself or the people around you, but please be strong. I may not be able to help much, except being a good listener. I can't write cheesy stuff (like some do) because I am a bit keras *lol*... this is the only thing I'm good at *althoughnotquite* , so I hope I fulfilled the request.

To others reading,

If you are now nearing despair, or seeing your close ones fall into slump, share this pic/post... If this can make them smile for a second, thank Allah, it will be a blessing for you and me.

"O you who have believed, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah, may you be successful." [3:200]

Until then, may peace be upon you. :D

P/s: がんばって= ganbatte = work hard, good luck, etc

The making~

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking on a small project.

There is a senior who requested me to illustrate for a motivation-camp module. It's only a small part but it is a new thing to me. When I am done perhaps I'll share them here, too insyaAllah. ^^

Mood: Enthusiastic

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A request from a friend. (2)

I like fulfilling requests if it is within my capability. I hope people will be happy, or at least had a smile on their face when I present them with what they ask for. Even though I respond late sometimes, I take each requests in great consideration. (Cik Zetty, saya berharap agar hasil ini dapat memenuhi kriteria yang anda kehendaki)

Perhaps I am gonna update my old blog anytime soon insyaAllah because somebody adibahrozain wanted to read my piece of crap again... haha.

Stay tuned!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kepada sesiapa yang akan balik Malaysia.

Buat kawan2 yang nak balik dari Jordan esok/lusa (ikut waktu Malaysia/Jordan) insyaAllah, terutama Cik Izzati Idris yang macam nak saya buat entri untuk dia *teehee*

Semoga selamat urusan perjalanan, jangan lupa baca doa naik kenderaan dalam flight nanti ye. ^^

(edit: sori salah eja souvenir)

The Making~

P/s: Introducing one of the permanent character *namatakbagilagi*

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a random update.

Because coming up with a new character is such a hassle, I was thinking of drawing permanent characters. This way I may have more time to find new ideas for the topics rather than character building. I'm gonna draw their profiles (front, back, rear, etc) so for a few days there might be no new comic strip coming.

*removed my nonsense babblings. siapa dapat baca nasib baik lah ye *

Oh, I talked too much. And this is supposed to be a comic blog not emo blog. That was a nice luahan hati btw. No offence and thank you for reading. Teehee.

Alas, a piece of reminder for myself; be grateful for what you have.