Friday, August 15, 2014

[NOTICE] 100 Posts Since April 2011

Wow, we've gone a long way. This is a our journey together, both me and the small community (you) who have spent some time to visit this humble sketch-blog. Counting each posts have at least 1 sketches with occasionally some more loaded, I estimated the total sketch to be around 200++ not inclusive random sketches not posted.

A motivation to those who just started to be serious in their art/ drawing hobby; Like it or not, through time and practice, one WILL improve their drawing. I'm a slow learner because of the inconsistency, but the result is still there. Don't give up.

Here's something from my PASUM days that marks the transition... style, serious-ness, interest, everything.

Salam ukhuwwah dari Admin.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Step-by-step, Samurai-kun special guide!


Ok. First thing is he's not even a samurai. But kinda reminded me of Hitokiri Battousai. So lets leave it at that. Ada orang curious saya guna pen apa, software apa, blablabla, so I'd like to share how I do most of my work.

1. Start with a sketch using pencil on a normal paper/ sketchbook

2. Import / Scan it into PC. I'm using a software called Paint Tool SAI paired with Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Model CTH-470, starting at step 2-7.

3. Trace the 'base' line using a small-sized brush

4. Add-on some details (in this case, the shiny effect on the hair)

5. Highlight certain lines and bold between the 'holes' to make the character more stand-out.
Hard to explain. Refer screenshot and compare before and previous.

6. Inking! This depends on the way you like it. I want his hair to be black.

7. Done on the person, add in background. Or maybe a sidekick like a cat or pets.

8. Fun part, extra decoration! I'm using Photoshop software here. I added screentone effect and fill his clothes with flower patterns (which will need a separate tutorial to teach, lol)
 Done, add in a personal signature! :-)

Sketch Update: 2nd week of July

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sketch Update Post May - Early July

Salam alaik.

I'm a bit inconsistent in updating the blog, so the orders of sketches are a bit jumbled up. This was long made before the redraw sketches.

A Blast to the Past

Salam alaik, o-hisashiburi! :-)

I liked drawing since I was a kid. I was probably around 3-4 years old when I first exhibit my interest in arts (tak ingat pun, agak2 je umur hehe). 

How was my drawing in the past? Well of course its magnificent haha. In a kids way lah. Masa tu rasa lawa lah sangat. Recently I visited a website, an artist redraw his arts during his childhood, click HERE to visit. Thus, I thought I'd do the same. But it was more like I was redrawing with the concept of 'what if the characters grow old?' in mind. Larat buat dua jelah lol! InshaAllah kalau ada jumpa lukisan yang legend2 lagi I'll think of something.

Moving on, let's see my drawing about 10 years back! Zaman tu, pengaruh animasi Pokemon dan Digimon tersangatlah kuat... Jadi suka melukis karakter berunsur monster. 

Redrawing made me think and evaluate how much I'd grow throughout these years. Though drawing monsters isn't really my thing anymore, it feels nostalgic comparing both versions. I personally liked the frog redraw. Rummage your old works, and try it out too! :-)