Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Blast to the Past

Salam alaik, o-hisashiburi! :-)

I liked drawing since I was a kid. I was probably around 3-4 years old when I first exhibit my interest in arts (tak ingat pun, agak2 je umur hehe). 

How was my drawing in the past? Well of course its magnificent haha. In a kids way lah. Masa tu rasa lawa lah sangat. Recently I visited a website, an artist redraw his arts during his childhood, click HERE to visit. Thus, I thought I'd do the same. But it was more like I was redrawing with the concept of 'what if the characters grow old?' in mind. Larat buat dua jelah lol! InshaAllah kalau ada jumpa lukisan yang legend2 lagi I'll think of something.

Moving on, let's see my drawing about 10 years back! Zaman tu, pengaruh animasi Pokemon dan Digimon tersangatlah kuat... Jadi suka melukis karakter berunsur monster. 

Redrawing made me think and evaluate how much I'd grow throughout these years. Though drawing monsters isn't really my thing anymore, it feels nostalgic comparing both versions. I personally liked the frog redraw. Rummage your old works, and try it out too! :-)

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